Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (2023)

Do you know about the Walmart Clearance Outlet? You can find the best deal for an item you’ve been looking for at a great price!

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (1)

Walmart shoppers like me love Walmart Clearance online. You score a lot of new items without worrying about the price tag breaking the bank.

We have an affiliate relationship with Walmart, which means we may get a small referral commission at no additional cost to you if you shop using our links.

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A Smarter Way to Shop

The Walmart clearance website can be a smart place to shop online, especially when you check the clearance, outlet, and warehouse sections first! It’s one of those major retailers that when it has rollback, markdown prices, and special offers, it is time to stock up and save. See last-chance finds at a limited time with the lowest prices.

If this is your first time knowing about the clearance at Walmart, keep reading to learn how to get Walmart clearance sale items throughout this post. I’m thrilled to share with you how I get a good deal and save dollars by not paying the original price.

You can order online and pick it up in-store OR have items sent right to your door. You will get free shipping when you hit a minimum amount.

Find Deep Discounts Here

Walmart has hundreds of items on clearance right now with prices as low as $1.98. This is a great way to see deals with low prices and features the top brands in electronics, home goods, clothing, baby, toys, sports, outdoors, home improvement, furniture, and more.

Favorite Walmart Clearance Sections

Here are a few links to our favorite sections:

Walmart Clearance Outlet Finds

Scroll to see some of our top picks with the best prices for this month:

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (2)

Mainstays Parsons Office Living Room Desk

Love minimalist furniture? This Parsons Desk from Mainstays would be perfect for your needs! It has a classic style that includes a simple silhouette and lines. This desk features a small drawer where you can store your pens, paper, and other small office supplies.

See more Walmart furniture clearance, special pricing and reduced items.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (3)

Better Homes & Gardens – 12″ x 12″ x 9″ Round Weaved Plant Pot

Are you looking for a weather-resistant plant pot that fits your home’s aesthetic? You might want to look into this 12-inch Round Weaved Plant Pot from Better Homes & Gardens! Show off your gorgeous greenery that will complement its pretty weave pattern and natural rustic finish.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (4)

Topbuy – Wooden Plant Rack, 6-Tier

If you’re a plant lover, this 6-tier Wooden Plant Rack from Topbuy would be a nice addition to your house or apartment’s indoor or outdoor decor. It’s durable and has a multi-layer design that has enough space for you to show off your plants and even place your favorite artworks or framed photos too!

See more Walmart Plant Items Clearance.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (5)

Cocomelon Sing and Learn Laptop and Pretend Play Phone Set

Encourage your child to learn letters, animal sounds, numbers, shapes, and fun phrases with this Cocomelon Play Set. This Cocomelon Play laptop and phone will help spark a child’s creativity and learning.

See more Walmart Baby Clearance and markdown items.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (6)

Nine.Eight – Women’s Jumpsuit with Short Sleeves

Jumpsuits are a must-have one-and-done addition to your wardrobe. Whether you’re going out for a walk, buying groceries, or running some errands, this Women’s Jumpsuit with Short Sleeves from Nine. Eight makes dressing up quick and easy. You can easily pair this jumpsuit with your favorite pair of sneakers, flats, or heels.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (7)

Koovon – Packing Cubes for Travel, 8 Pieces

Going on a vacation soon? Use these Packing Cubes from Koovon to make organizing your suitcase a breeze! These cubes are super light, foldable, and made from waterproof fabric.

The sets include:

  • 3 travel packing cubes with a see-through mesh top for clothes
  • 1 private cube for bras and underwear
  • 1 travel shoe bag
  • 1 toiletry bag
  • 1 laundry bag for dirty clothes
  • 1 flat bag for small items, like socks, electronic accessories or keys.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (8)

Prettycare – Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner from Prettycare makes cleaning your home easy. It’s an ultra-lightweight corded stick that easily converts to a hand vacuum. Do you have pets? You might like its specialized tools for cleaning pet messes.

See other appliances on Walmart Clearance.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (9)

Christmas Clearance

With the holiday season just around the corner, there are some items you might want for your Christmas decor. Be sure and check their Clearance section happening now to score a great deal. I spotted great clearance deals on Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and indoor and outdoor holiday decor. Click this Quick link to Walmart’s Christmas Clearance.

Walmart Discount Items Today highlights

Quick link to Walmart’s Clearance Clothing including ski jackets, workout clothes, sleep sets, and more.

I love the affordable choices available at Walmart Women’s Clothes Clearance.

Click here forWalmart TV Clearance sale items.

Click here forWalmart Warehouse Clearance Sale.

Walmart App

Many of my readers say they do not enjoy shopping in-store at Walmart. This is why the Walmart app is a convenient way to save money when you shop at clearance sale! Do this without setting foot in the store. Find clearance Walmart items by ordering right from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or phone! Right now, Walmart is having a Clear-Out Warehouse Sale with some great markdown items. To get the Walmart app, click this link.

Walmart Hidden Clearance

Did you know you can check if an item in-store is currently at clearance? These are called Hidden Clearance Items. Hidden Clearance items happen when an item’s price has been marked down without the displayed price being changed. To make things easier, you must have the Walmart app on your phone. Just scan the items if you’re not sure whether or not something is on clearance.

Walmart's Clearance Outlet - Amazing Deals (10)

Right now, Walmart is having a Clear-Out Warehouse Sale with some great markdown items.

What is Rollback at Walmart?

When Walmart lowers the price of an item, they call that a rollback.

How to Find Unmarked Clearance at Walmart?

Walmart’s Clearance Outlet items are only available online although some can also be found in stores. You will see listed next to each item whether or not it is for online clearance only.

How Does WalmartClearance Work?

Be sure to look under Clearance, Rollbacks and Special Buys on the website.

You can have many of these shipped for free from the site to the store. Use the website to score limited-timed items that sometimes cost lower than their store price. This is a great place to look before you make a purchase somewhere else. You may want to bookmark this page!

More Walmart Clearance FAQs

How to find unmarked clearance at Walmart

We have shared the links you need to most of the popular categories for their clearance. You can sort by price and type easily by typing clearance + your item in the search bar and clicking on the photo of each sale item you want to check.

Are WalmartClearance Items Returnable?

Here is the link to the Walmart Return Policy. Most items can be returned within 90 days of receiving them. Their customer service is superb when it comes to assisting with major and minor concerns from customers.

Will Walmart Price Match Items?

Here is the link to the Walmart Price Matching Policy. It applies to items purchased at a Walmart store.


  • Clearance and Outlet Section
  • Walmart’s Layaway Plan
  • Walmart Flash Picks

Are you deal hunting for the holidays? Come back and check other good deals on clearance!

If you love these clearance Walmart items, you will also find bargain clothing online, Black Friday sales, and the best discount online shopping sites here at More with Less Today. We share tips for getting the best deals at our favorite stores.

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How do I find my hidden clearance at Walmart? ›

2. To find Walmart hidden clearance, use the 'check a price' feature in the Walmart app. The Walmart app has a price scan feature that lets you check the price of any item in the store by scanning its barcode.

How often are prices reduced at clearance outlets? ›

Markdowns usually happen Monday through Friday, but clearance schedules can vary by store. After the first markdown, further price drops will happen about every two weeks, but it totally depends on store inventory.

How to get things from Walmart cheaper? ›

Know the Price Match Policy

Savvy shoppers can get the lowest price by comparison shopping Walmart's in-store prices against For items in-store, Walmart says it will match cheaper prices found on its website but not if the item is later reduced in price.

What is clearance sale? ›

: a sale in which prices are lowered in order to sell things quickly and make room for new items.


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